Legal actions made easy: Shoobx and Lasa Law

Shoobx helps support your legal needs by organizing everything you need in one platform. We help you manage your board, hire employees, grant and manage equity, fundraise, and more.

Shoobx breaks the silos that separate equity, fundraising, HR, and governance. Save time and money with corporate legal actions, from incorporation to exit, and focus your resources on growing your business.

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Automate your next equity financing with Shoobx

Shoobx automates many time-consuming aspects of a fundraise with our equity financing workflow, such as document drafting, collection of signatures, and compilation of the final documents.

By leveraging technology and standardized documents, you get more transparency, efficiency, and ownership over the fundraising process.

If an automated equity financing makes sense for you and your attorney, our team will work together with you to leverage the Shoobx Equity Financing workflow.

Start managing your company with Shoobx

Minimize the friction on your journey to success by automating and integrating your corporate legal actions. Your business has many important documents that need to be generated, approved, signed, and reported on, and you can do that all in Shoobx. 

We’ll help granting founders' shares,  hiring, managing your cap table, fundraising, and more.

Shoobx is the only integrated solution that makes your company’s data work for you, your lawyer, and your investor.

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What sets Shoobx apart from some other great equity solutions is the fact that my cap table, data room, and stock ledger are automatically updated when I grant shares. With absolutely no effort from me!

Mathieu Nouzareth Co-founder & CEO

Let Shoobx save you time and money so that you can focus on growing your business.

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